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South Dakota Notary Embosser

South Dakota Notary Embosser

PRICE: $24.50
SKU: SD42025


Exactly like your Commission Certificate

This small and portable, South Dakota Notary Embosser produces a clear, raised impression of your South Dakota notary seal with every use. The superior workmanship ensures the South Dakota notary embosser will last for the life of your notary commission and beyond. The South Dakota notary seal insert has a slide and lock device that makes disassembly and storage easy.

IMPORTANT: The name on your notary stamp/embosser MUST match the name that will be used on your Notary Application. Make sure you enter the information exactly as it will appear on your Notary Application before you order this notary embosser for South Dakota notaries.

Our highly skilled production department is committed to quickly and accurately producing the best quality notary products. We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our notary stamps, notary seals and notary embossers. This notary embosser displays your South Dakota notary commission name. Please click on the imprint image to the left to see the design layout for this product. The South Dakota Notary Embosser is one of the nation's leading notary seals due to the high quality and durability of the product.

Minimal Effort

The improved leverage of this notary embosser handle ensures clean, crisp impressions with little effort.

Clean Impressions

Our South Dakota Notary Embossers are optimized to achieve the crispest impressions. That is what makes them so popular with notaries, corporations, engineers and government officials worldwide.

Highest Durability

Our seal presses have an extremely high durability due to the use of high quality materials and precision workmanship.

Recommended Products: Essential for photocopying, use an Impression Inker in combination with your South Dakota notary embosser to permanently ink the raised impression of your notary seal. This, however, does not make the use of the notary embosser compliant with State of South Dakota requirements. We also carry another product that provides a sophisticated, professional look to your raised impression. Take a look at our self-adhesive Gold Foil Seals to add elegance to the documents that you notarize.

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South Dakota Notary Embosser for South Dakota Notaries

South Dakota Notary Embosser

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